Trim system for ceilings

Plastic Components

The new RADii trims offer the simple and efficient way to finish a suspended ceiling which terminates at a curved wall or surface. Perfect for outside and inside radius treatments—including compound or S-shapes—these trims eliminate expensive add-ons like extruded metal column rings, radius reveal moldings and wall angles.

  • Non-rusting PVC
  • Minimum radius: 15, 24, 30, 54 inch


Vinyl J-trim

Phillips Manufacturing

gripSTIK Vinyl J-Trim provides a finished edge at door and window openings along with other various wallboard intersections. This durable and impact resistant trim was designed with ease of installation. The product does not require any joint compound and can be nailed or slipped on. The trim is available in 1/4-, 3/8-, 1/2, 5/8- and 3/4-inch sizes. This is just one of the products in the company’s vinyl beads and trims line.


Recycled cornice and crown moldings

Architectural Products by Outwater LLC

The company offers economically priced, 100 percent recycled, environmentally friendly cornice and crown moldings that have been specifically designed for use with indirect lighting. Manufactured to easily accept a variety of cove molding light fixtures without causing scalloped or uneven light dispersion and illumination, the company’s cornice and crown moldings for indirect lighting can also be used just as readily as a traditional cornice or crown molding without lighting if desired.


Restoration millwork J-pocket with cut-out


Restoration Millwork J-Pocket with Cut-out allows the cellular PVC trimboard to lie flush with siding around windows and doors with built-in nail flanges, allowing for more perfect miter cuts at the corners. Available in a 4-inch width with either Smooth or TrueTexture woodgrain, both with FinishedEdge, a smooth finish created by a proprietary heat-sealing process that prevents dirt from collecting on the surface. Backed by a 25-year limited warranty, it is paintable, low-maintenance, resistant to UV rays, rotting, warping, moisture and insects, can be cut using ordinary woodworking tools and fastened with nails or screws.


Full trim line

Flannery Inc.

The company offers a full line of Fiber Cement Panel Trims for James Hardie, CertainTeed and Nichiha exterior wall panel systems. Those trims include a Vertical Screed (CPS 375-50), which creates a vertical reveal between each panel. The Horizontal Z-Flash (CPZ 50) creates a horizontal reveal while covering the top edge of each panel. Outside Corner (CPX 375-375) and Inside Corner (CPW 50-50) Trims are also available. Visit the company’s Web site for more details.