Alignment Splices

Flannery Inc.

The company has been creating aesthetic drywall trims over the past decade. The trim manufacturer offes alignment splices for more than 85 percent of the drywall trims that it produces. Its custom alignment splices have become crucial to contractors that install aluminum drywall trims. The splices have become a valuable accessory for ensuring a proper and clean installation of the company’s products.


Flat L-Tear Strip

Phillips Manufacturing

The gripSTIK Flat L-Tear Strip provides a clean line at a variety of wallboard intersections. A one-size-fits-all product, it is used where a straight edge is needed and there is not enough room at the intersection for the leg. The tear-off strip provides a protective edge and guide for drywall finishing knives. Once joint compound is applied, finished and painted, the tear off strip is removed to form a clean, crisp edge. This product features deeply knurled mud anchors, many perforations, and specially textured surface to provide superior paint and joint compound adhesion.


Door Surround Kits


Available in four styles, the Door Surround Kits provide a fast and elegant way for builders, remodelers and homeowners to add curb appeal to the home. The kits come in Craftsman, Colonial, Stone and Empire styles. Each offers weather-resistant polyurethane pieces that resist rotting, warping, cracking, insects, moisture and peeling. Packaged together, the kits for Craftsman, Colonial and Empire include a set of pilasters and a crosshead for a single door opening. The Stone kit includes three pieces of flat blocks and a keystone, ready to be cut to size for a single door opening. Blocks can either be mitered or butted to make the surround. Designed to fit a 3-foot by 3-foot, 8-inch door, the polyurethane pieces in the kits install quickly to create an attractive door surround.


Decorative Chamfer Bead


Give ordinary square corners an upgrade with the look of a chamfered edge. The company’s redesigned Chamfer Beads now match the sharp profile of 350 Chamfer. Mix and match a wide array of Chamfer products while achieving a clean and consistent look. The product allows contractors to create sleek drywall layering details and archways with an extensive line. Square corners aren’t the only option—the bead is just one of the 11 different outside cornerbeads offered.


Rustproof Trims

Plastic Components

The company’s Fiber Cement Board Trims deliver a better finish, cleaner and rustproof job in projects with 5/16- or 1/2-inch cementitious fiber board. The company offers a weeped casing bead and Starter Trac Z flashing and inside/outside corner for either board thicknesses. These impact-resistant trims protect the edges of the board and manage moisture infiltration. The product is listed by ITS/Warnock-Hersey.


Water-activated Bead

Strait-Flex International

Wet-Stick is a water-activated glue-on cornerbead. Requiring only water to apply, the product installs quickly without any fasteners (screws, nails, staples) and doesn’t require a carpenter to install. The product overcomes issues of edge-cracking, rust, paint-chipping and dents typical of metal cornerbeads. The product’s composition gives it the strength for high-traffic areas; and is also well-matched with high-abuse drywall. The oval-slot design on its edges gives it strong bonding, minimal delayed shrinkage and faster drying times.