The February product focus features a variety of trim and molding products from Trim-Tex Co., Plastic Components, and more.


Architectural Reveal Bead

Trim-Tex Co.

The company’s Architectural Reveal Bead Silver is designed to match the look of anodized aluminum reveals without the time and hassle of metal. The vinyl reveals do not require backing (on non-fire rated walls), saving on installation. Additionally, vinyl reveals flex to form with curved walls, eliminating the need for special ordering curved reveals and waiting on lead times. Its 1/8 inch of expansion control makes the reveals a worry-free solution. Also available in matching Z Shadow Bead. For more information, visit


Trims for Hard Coat Systems

Plastic Components

Save on labor with the company’s one-piece continuous insulation trims for foam systems. This weeped TRAC has a built-in cornerbead that saves installation time, improves job quality and delivers a better finish. Warnock-Hersey certified, these contractor-grade PVC trims are made for 1½-, 2- and 2½-inch foam, and for 3/4- or 7/8-inch stucco finishes. The trims are patent pending. For more information, visit


Perimeter Trim


Infinity D Perimeter Trim is the factory-engineered alternative to in-field drywall framing and is available in a variety of perimeter depths. This drywall ceiling trim accepts standard 5/8-inch gypsum panels and includes grooved and primed taping flanges for drywall compound and paint. Made from sturdy extruded aluminum, the trim is created in one-piece for fewer visible lines.

Its performance properties include:

  • Extruded aluminum trim comes in three heights: 4, 6 and 8 inch
  • Drywall edge trim can be straight or curved in the horizontal axis
  • Grooved taping flange is primed for drywall compound
  • Ceiling transition trim simplifies installation, compared to drywall framing
  • Sustainable: 100-percent post-consumer recycled content

For more information, visit


Screened Continuous Soffit Vent

Stockton Products

Destructive wildfires are a fact of life in many parts of the country. The new EmberStop screened continuous soffit vent for commercial/residential construction can help give some protection against ember intrusion at vulnerable soffit vents. The addition of 1/16-inch (16-16) aluminum screen reduces the 1/8-inch vent hole size to 1/16 inch. Exceeds section 706A of the CBSC Wildfire Protection Provisions for permissible continuous soffit vent hole size of 1/8 inch. For more information, visit


Aluminum Trims

Flannery Inc.

While the wall pictured may appear to be a panel system designed to mimic the layout of concrete blocks, in reality it consists of custom fabricated intersections that were precisely measured, cut and welded together in our facility from our Drywall Reveal (DWR 625-375). In addition to custom fabricated intersections, the company offers trim in a number of shapes and reveals for drywall to meet just the right design look. For more information, visit