Portable laser distance meter

Trimble/Spectra Precision

The QM75 Quick Measure is a handheld laser distance meter that can be used in a wide variety of applications and is designed to give contractors a one person distance measuring tool that is easy-to-use, can be carried in a pocket and withstand the rigors of the construction job site. The tool provides a bright, visible laser spot that allows users to safely measure hard-to-reach places, such as high overheads, factory interiors or over water. Simple, quick and reliable measurements are obtained with the press of a button. One person can measure distance with ±1.5 millimeter accuracy up to 230 feet. Units of measure are selectable and include meters, millimeters and both fractional and decimal feet/inch units. A large liquid crystal display is illuminated for easy viewing in poor light conditions.



Rebar locator and metal finder

Zircon Corp.

The MetalliScanner x8 metal locator efficiently locates and determines the depth of 1/2 inch diameter rebar and 1/2 inch diameter copper pipe up to 8 inches deep and automatically differentiates between ferrous (steel, iron) and non-ferrous (aluminum, copper) metal. The industrial-grade product has a high-resolution metal detection capability that enables users to more closely “home-in” on copper pipes and rebar in solid concrete, with much greater accuracy and coverage-depth performance. The tool incorporates three adjustable sensitivity levels for easy unit of measure selection and provides simpler and more accurate scanning over rougher, textured surfaces, even lath and plaster, and detects and pinpoints targets at a much greater depth than conventional technologies. With its ergonomic design, large backlit transflective display for better viewing in both low light and bright light conditions, integrated marker system, and pivoting handle attachment for easier scanning of walls, floors and ceilings, the tool is a high-grade choice. 



Rugged, ultra-compact field controllers

Topcon Positioning Systems

The FC-25 series of pocket-sized, rugged field controllers (FC-25 and the FC-25A) utilize Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system, which comes with 256MB RAM and 2GB of flash memory. The main features of the new systems also include a lightweight design (11.3 ounces), 533MHz processor, five-key keyboard, integrated wireless LAN and Bluetooth connectivity and much more. Additionally, the FC-25A includes a built-in 3MP camera, compass and altimeter. Both new units are designed for optimum efficiency are productive in various work sites, including GIS and construction projects.



Plane leveling and alignment laser

Bosch Measuring Tools

The BS 150 Compact Tripod combined with an optional kit that includes the GLL3-80 360-degree 3-Plane Leveling and Alignment Line Laser offers professionals a complete leveling solution. When the GLL3-80 is paired with the new BS 150 compact tripod, workers can easily adjust the height of the tool with fine adjustment capability to ensure greater accuracy and quick set up. The BS 150 features collapsible legs and weighs a total of two pounds for easy storage and transportation. The new compact tripod has a 1/4-inch to 20 inch thread that is compatible with most line lasers, point lasers and laser measures. It includes a detachable mounting base that enables easy and quick set up of product on or off the tripod. Swivel, adjust and tighten the steady adjustable aiming base for steady measurement applications.



Self-leveling rotary laser

Johnson Level

The 40-6544 Electronic Self-Leveling Horizontal & Vertical Rotary Laser features GreenBrite technology. This is a green beam laser level that features a beam that is 400 percent more visible than red beams when used indoors.  The laser beam modes include dot, two adjustable line lengths and two rotational speeds. Visual and audible alarms alert the user when the laser is beyond the leveling range. The height of instrument/tilt alarm function ensures product accuracy because it lets the user know if the laser level has been moved or tampered with on the job site when it is in-use. The specs and range for this laser level can be found on the company’s website.