True Textiles Inc. announced today that they have completed an initial round of NSF/ANSI 336 testing, resulting in twelve silver and three compliant level open line patterns all available through its Guilford of Maine brand.

NSF/ANSI 336 is a voluntary standard for commercial furnishings fabric that evaluates fabric over its entire lifecycle to address the environmental, economic and social aspects of fabrics for commercial furnishings. The standard was adopted in May, 2011 by the members of ACT.

The standard is a comprehensive assessment tool with specific measures for fabric manufacturers and supply chain, assessing the environmental impacts of textile manufacturing based on fiber selection, safety of chemicals, water conservation, water (effluent) quality, energy usage, air quality, recycling practices, and social accountability. Products can achieve a compliant, silver, gold or platinum level certification.

The initial list of products complying at the Silver level includes open line patterns FR701, Basketweave, Nitro, Regatta, Vertical Surface Solids, Cosmos, Chance, Sand, Paradise, Groove, Snapshot and Network. These 100% recycled polyester products were first-party certified.