Self-adhering Waterproofing Membrane

MFM Building Products

SubSeal is an advanced 40 or 60 mil, self-adhering waterproofing membrane that is engineered to be a multi-purpose sheet suitable for vertical or horizontal applications. These membranes are designed for extreme moisture protection and aggressively bond to poured concrete and other building materials to eliminate the movement of water under the membrane. The product is designed for use on features such as through-wall flashings, windows, sills, pot shelves, parapet walls and many other applications. The product meets ASTM D 1970 and ICC-ES ESR 2783. For more information, visit

Enhanced Rainscreen and Ventilation Mats

Stuc-O-Flex International

The company has announced performance enhancements to its WaterWay Rainscreen and Ventilation Mats. The new generation of Filter Fabric functions like an extra layer of housewrap surpassing water holdout requirements for weather resistive barriers, while providing a perm-rating in excess of 200. This fabric also offers the industry’s highest level of UV resistance allowing extended installation time. For more information, visit

Commercial-grade Housewrap

Benjamin Obdyke

FlatWrap HP Housewrap is a commercial-grade tri-laminate solution, which features enhanced UV and tear resistance along with easier installation. The product has a range of performance benefits that make it ideal for both commercial and residential applications. The structural components provide enhanced UV exposure up to six months and greater tear and wind load resistance for jobs over 40 feet. In addition to providing a vapor permeability of 35 perms, the product resists damage from surfactants that compromise other housewrap solutions. For more information, visit

Cost-effective WRBs

Parex USA

The company recently launched four new products to help improve the moisture protection, indoor air quality and energy efficiency of buildings:

  • WeatherFill: a fast drying joint, seam treatment and adhesive that dries in wet conditions.
  • WeatherSeal SB: a cementitious waterproofing basecoat over CMU and Masonry.
  • WeatherBlock SP1 Spray & Roll-On: a vapor barrier designed to stop airborne moisture and water vapor diffusion.
  • 360 Fast Window Mesh: pre-formed corner mesh for rough openings designed to decrease labor costs with its ease of application. 

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Pre-applied Waterproofing System

Grace Construction Products

Preprufe Plus is an enhanced version of Preprufe that allows for faster installation and stronger adhesion at the seam. The product forms an adhesive bond to the concrete placed against it and thus does not rely on the earth outside of the building (which could erode or fall away from the building over time) to confine or hold the Preprufe membrane in place. The system has colored zip strips at the top and bottom of the seam area on the edge of the roll. Once the zip strips are removed, a magnetic adhesive to adhesive bond is achieved at the seam that is stronger than the standard product.

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