Preprufe Plus is the next generation in Grace’s time-tested and proven Preprufe Pre-Applied Waterproofing portfolio. Preprufe has been used around the world for over 20 years to protect below grade areas of buildings from water and moisture entry. It is ideal for waterproofing under the concrete slab and for building sites, where over excavation around the perimeter of the below grade area is unwanted or not feasible, such as confined sites in cities.

Preprufe Plus retains all the excellent features of the Preprufe Waterproofing Membranes It is durable and puncture resistant to handle harsh job site conditions; it is chemically resistant and not affected by precipitation or moisture during installation. Preprufe Plus forms a unique adhesive bond to the concrete placed against it and thus does not rely on the earth outside of the building (which could erode or fall away from the building over time) to confine or hold the Preprufe Plus membrane in place. The bond also creates a watertight seal with the concrete to prevent lateral water migration. If there are any voids or punctures in the Preprufe Plus membrane, water is confined to the void or puncture and cannot migrate laterally between the Preprufe Plus and the concrete. Controlling lateral water migration helps prevent water from traveling between the Preprufe Plus and the concrete to a cold joint or entry point through the concrete and into the building, thus keeping the below grade areas of a building leak-free.

Preprufe Plus provides additional ease of application benefits for the applicator and performance benefits for the building. Its innovative and enhanced laps offer an adhesive-to-adhesive bond at the seams, which ensures the best performance in even the harshest job site conditions. Preprufe Plus has colored zip strips at the top and bottom of the seam area on the edge of the roll. Both zip strips cover an aggressive adhesive. Once the zip strips are removed, a magnetic adhesive to adhesive bond is achieved at the seam.

Preprufe Plus is release liner-free. This feature reduces waste on the job site and speeds up the installation process, resulting in lower installation costs. Preprufe Plus is simply rolled or kicked out, which is much faster and easier for the installers than the standard process. The ease of installation reduces labor costs and facilitates installation, because the roll does not need to be lifted and unrolled by the installer.

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