CEMCO has announced an agreement with Brady Innovations to become the exclusive manufacturer and supplier of ProX Header. All ProX Header products will be manufactured at CEMCO’s state-of-the art manufacturing facilities in the United States.

“Our goal is to improve product availability across the country and Canada,” CEMCO’s Executive Vice-President Tom Porter said. “When you combine ProX Header with a CEMCO wide-flange jamb stud, you have a winning combination for rough-opening framing. CEMCO is gearing up for growth in its rough-opening sales.”

Todd Brady, President of Brady Innovations and developer of ProX Header said, “On the manufacturing side, CEMCO has taken the leadership role in manufacturing and supplying quality ProX Header components to the industry at a fair price. On code compliance; the recently issued IAPMO ER-0286 verifies ProX Header is 2012 IBC compliant, including pre-approved header schedules. Our new mobile Web site puts all of the tools for Simple Code Compliance, Easy Member Selection, and Fast Installation at your finger-tips.”

For more information, visit www.proxhdr.com.