Fluid-applied Vapor Permeable AMB

Sto Corp.

Sto AirSeal is a fluid-applied vapor permeable air and moisture barrier product that provides seamless and fully integrated air and moisture control for the company’s complete, fully tested, and code-approved high performance ventilated StoVentec Rainscreen systems. It can also be used behind StoTherm ci, StoPowerwall, StoQuik Silver, and other wall claddings such as masonry, stone, stucco and fiber cement. It is used over prepared vertical above grade wall substrates, such as concrete, concrete masonry, and glass mat gypsum, plywood or OSB sheathing. This product can be sprayed or rolled and comes in Charcoal or Black. To learn more, visit stocorp.com/air-moisture-barriers-us.

Barrier System

G-P Gypsum

The DensElement Barrier System, with AquaKOR Technology, integrates the gypsum core and the fiberglass mat to form a hydrophobic, monolithic surface that blocks bulk water, but allows vapor to pass through. The system eliminates the need for building wrap, fluid-applied membranes, or peel-and-stick membranes. It’s faster to install and can be installed when it’s wet outside, saving time and labor. The all-in-one product is finished with DensDefy Liquid Flashing to fill and seal joints, fasteners, openings, penetrations, and transitions. The system is ABAA listed and WRB-AB approved and has a customized MasterSpec specification – 061656 Air and Water Resistive Sheathing Board. For more information, visit denselement.com.

Rainscreen & Ventilation Mats


This year’s 2021 ICC and IBC made important changes to section 2510 Lathing and Furring for Stucco. The changes apply to stucco installed over wood-based sheathings in moist and marine climate zones. The mandate requires a drainage material minimum 3/16 inches in depth, applied to the exterior side of the water-resistive barrier. The company’s WaterWay Rainscreen & Ventilation Mats accommodate this directive by creating space for drainage and promoting circulation through convection. From Boston to San Francisco, the rainscreens are endorsed by numerous distinguished building enclosure specialists in North America. Many believe rainscreens offer redundancy and are so forgiving every building envelope consultant should make it their number-one recommendation. For more information, visit stucoflex.com/rainscreen_drainage_mats.html.

Self-adhering Waterproofing Membrane

MFM Building Products

SubSeal-40 is an advanced, self-adhering waterproofing membrane that is engineered to be a multi-purpose sheet suitable for vertical or horizontal applications. This membrane is designed for extreme moisture protection and aggressively bonds to poured concrete and other building materials to eliminate the movement of water under the membrane. Designed for use on features such as through-wall flashings, windows, sills, pot shelves, parapet walls and many other applications. SubSeal meets ASTM D 1970, ICC-ES ESR-2783 (AC148), and ICC-ES ESR-3980 (AC38), and is AAMA 711 compliant. For more information, visit mfmbp.com.

Vapor Permeable Air Barriers


RainScreen SA and PanelShield SA products are vapor permeable air barrier water resistive membranes featuring the company’s adhesive, even sticking to OSB. RainScreen SA, with a factory installed 3/7mm rainscreen drainage matrix, offers contractors time-saving convenience of a single step installation process especially useful behind stucco applications. PanelShield SA is optimized for the growing panelization and modular market. It is designed to withstand rigorous factory handling and cross-country transport. The membranes can be exposed from six to 12 months, making them ideal for today’s unpredictable construction schedules. Visit vaproshield.com for more information.