The Gypsum Association announced that it has secured the services of Kellen Company, a global professional services firm, to assist with and enhance the Association's code advocacy work. Kellen Company has an extensive building products practice and represents client interests before construction codes and standards organizations and regulators.

Leading codes efforts for the Association will be Mike Fischer, Kellen's Director of Codes and Regulatory affairs.

“We are delighted to have Kellen Company work integrally with us on code matters,” said Stephen Meima, executive director of the Gypsum Association. “With their in-depth knowledge and experience in this field, the Kellen Company team will be instrumental in the Association's contribution to the process of code revision and development.”

“The Gypsum Association and the industry it represents have a long history of commitment to quality and safety, factors which have contributed to the near universal use of gypsum board in all sectors of design and construction,” Fischer said. “In our capacity working with the Gypsum Association, the Kellen Company will provide responsible advocacy to ensure that the safety of the built environment is maintained as the construction industry moves towards a sustainable buildings future.”

Working with code bodies and standards setting organizations, the Gypsum Association upholds the very highest product standards and promotes a deep understanding of fire and building code requirements across the design and construction community. The Association is committed to enhancing public safety and advancing consumer satisfaction with member firms’ products.