Architects tend to have more specific visions for their dream homes than other homeowners—and Greg Buchheit, principal at Architectural Remodel & Contracting in Saint Charles, Mo., is no exception. He and his wife, Amanda Buchheit, aimed to align their staircase railing with their home’s overall aesthetic. Banker Wire mesh provided the perfect design solution.

Located in St. Charles, Mo., the Buchheit’s highly custom home has a rustic-modern design. The couple relied on raw materials to achieve their look. Reclaimed barn wood makes up the home’s living room wall, the countertops are made from concrete and an exposed steel beam supports the ceiling. Traditional wooden spindle railing for the staircase was of conflict for the overall design, so the Buchheits sought a bare steel alternative.

The Buchheits took their railing search to Pinterest where they found a photo of a wire mesh railing that they deemed their “inspiration image.” The next step was finding a wire mesh infill provider—which led them to Banker Wire. Amanda sent the image to Banker Wire to produce mesh perfectly suited for their space.

The Buchheits began the process of selecting a product suited to their unique aesthetic. To achieve their rustic-modern vision, they chose plain steel L-64 woven wire mesh from among combinations of alloys and patterns. The mesh pattern’s highly-defined square openings create simple and sleek infill panels that harmonize the weathered steel railing and reclaimed barn wood stair treads. The juxtaposition of the infill, its perimeter and railing, aligns with the home’s pastoral, yet contemporary design.

“We left all the materials raw,” says Amanda Buchheit. “It all came together with a rustic-modern feel.”

The couple wanted to maintain the straight lines and 90-degree angles characteristic of their home in the transition between its levels. To achieve that goal, they created a railing system that positions the mesh pattern perpendicular to the ground, even as the railing slopes upward.

Greg first constructed each infill panel by surrounding Banker Wire mesh with raw sticks of Banker Wire U-edge. He welded each panel to a steel channel and support posts, which were purchased from a local metal distributor. The entire railing was one welded piece installed on the stairs. Since Greg fabricated the railing on-site, precision was of the upmost importance. 

“Everything Banker Wire provided was precisely cut and flawless,” says Amanda Buchheit. “They were very responsive and accommodating throughout the design process.”