Calculated Industries (CI) is introducing its newest tools for builders at the National Association of Home Builders 2015 International Builders’ show on Jan. 20-23 in Las Vegas.

The Construction Master Plus EZ (CMP EZ) is the newest in Cis’ line of award-winning Construction Master Pro construction math calculators. In addition to 140 built-in calculations, the CMP EZ is a Prompting Calculator. The user presses a building project key and then scrolls through a series of prompts for quantities, measurements, placement, materials, and other possible inputs. After entering the known values, all the available calculations and solutions are displayed. The calculator guides you on a path to solve any construction math problem in seconds. If a measurement changes, you can just scroll back to it, change it, and re-solve the problem.

Basic and advanced functions give answers for both your everyday and more complex construction calculations. The built-in materials key gives you instant quantities, from drywall and roofing, to tile and pavers.

Also being introduced is a new laser measure—the Laser Dimension Master 130. The LDM 130 is a one person laser measuring tool for distances, areas, and volumes. It is easier and faster to use than a tape measure, and more accurate than ultrasonic measures. It measures up to 130 feet with accuracy of 1/8-inch, or better, over the entire range. It has a large, bright, color easy-to-read display.

Distances can be measured in feet-inches, decimal feet, inches or meters. Priced under $100.