Reflective Insulation

Environmentally Safe Products Inc.

Initially sold for use in pole barns, ESP Low-E is light weight, easy-to-install and manufactured using a polyethylene foam core with reinforced double-sided aluminum facings. The product can be used in all facets of the building industry where conventional insulations are used. It can be used alone or in conjunction with mass insulations for high R-systems. From large commercial buildings to residential homes, ESP Low-E insulation can be used in a variety of applications to improve the energy efficiency of your building saving money on heating and cooling costs. For more information, visit


Water-blown Closed-cell Insulation


ProSeal Eco is a 100-percent water-blown closed-cell spray foam insulation. With no synthetic blowing agent, the product is a smarter replacement for those seeking a more environmentally responsible option. The insulation has significantly expanded the possibilities of commercial wall assembly applications and can be sprayed at low temperatures (5 degrees Fahrenheit) allowing construction to continue on schedule. Learn more by visiting


Open-cell Spray Foam 

Johns Manville

The company has released a new generation of insulation choices: JM Corbond Open-Cell Spray Polyurethane Foam (oc SPF) and JM Corbond Open-Cell Appendix X Spray Polyurethane Foam (ocx SPF). Recommended for walls, floors, crawl spaces, and both unvented and vented attics and ceilings, JM Corbond oc SPF’s low-density nature allows for tremendous yield, but still affords air sealing of homes, offices and classrooms. Additionally, JM Corbond ocx SPF meets ICC Evaluation Service’s AC 377 Appendix X requirements, which eliminates an extra step and reduces the number of passes required while achieving the same performance level of JM Corbond oc SPF. For more informatin, visit


Masonry Cavity Wall System

Owens Corning

Five of the most recognized and trusted companies in the construction industry have created the industry’s best complete masonry cavity wall system that is completely compatible, code compliant and warranted. The CavityComplete Wall System for Steel Stud with Masonry Veneer makes it easier to specify and detail an assembly with components that are tested and proven to work together. The system is warranted to reduce liability and allow architects and specifiers to design and specify with confidence. The system includes components from Owens Corning Sales LLC, Heckmann Building Products Inc., Mortar Net Solutions, Rodenhouse Inc. and Tremco Incorporated. For more information, visit


Hybrid Insulation System

CertainTeed Insulation

Hybrid Insulation System brings together three insulation products to create a cost-effective way to provide a thermally superior, airtight seal around the home. By utilizing CertaSpray Closed Cell Foam Insulation, OPTIMA Blow-In Insulation and MemBrain Smart Vapor Retarder & Air Barrier, it achieves a high R-value, air resistance and moisture control. The system eliminates unwanted hot or cold spots in the home, improves acoustic control and reduces energy consumption and moisture infiltration. Its thermal performance extends to complex cavities and other hard-to-reach, often-unprotected areas where leakage can occur, such as around wires, pipes and other fixtures. In addition, the insulation will not settle over time, ensuring long-lasting energy efficiency. For more information, visit


Mineral Wool Insulation


UltraBatt is a residential and light commercial insulation batt. It is engineered to provide thermal comfort, fire protection and sound control all in one product. In exterior walls, it conserves energy with an R-15 in 2x4 construction and R-23 in 2x6 walls. The product is made with 70 percent pre-consumer recycled content and is fire resistant to temperatures over 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Sound control is very desirable in interior walls, floors, ceilings and multi-family construction. The dense insulation is an exceptional sound insulation providing an STC rating of 30 in 2x4 wall assemblies, with a single layer of gypsum board on both sides. For more information, visit


Fire-resistive Insulation

Demilec Inc.

The company's APX is a new standard in fire safety. The product is used in attics and crawlspaces; upon application no additional ignition is required. If a fire occurs, once the flame is removed from the spray foam insulation, the insulation will not continue to propagate a flame. This strong fire-performance product provides a new approach for fire safety. The insulation APX also provides an air barrier, insulates and seals in one application, and performs with good energy efficiency. For more information, visit


Noncombustible Insulated Sheathing


ComfortBoard Commercial Insulated Sheathing is a rigid, high-density, non-combustible stone wool insulation board specifically designed for use as an exterior continuous insulation in commercial rainscreen wall systems. Thermally efficient and vapor permeable, the product provides the rigidity and durability needed for many exterior cladding assemblies, such as lightweight metal and composite panel systems. Its thermal properties improve energy efficiency. Stone wool is also water repellent, providing a tertiary drainage plane for bulk water which may migrate into the wall cavity; yet allows the breathability necessary for outward drying and effective moisture control. The product is available in 1-, 1¼-, 2-, 2½- and 3-inch thicknesses, with R-values of R4, 5, 8, 10 and 12, respectively. Visit for information.


Energy Efficient Sheathing

Atlas Wall

 Rboard is an energy efficient sheathing material that can serve as a component for an exterior wall assembly.  Each foam continuous insulation board has a specially-coated non-reflective glass reinforcement facer on both surfaces. The non-reflective product can be used behind multiple claddings, such as wood, brick, vinyl, CMU or stucco. Visit for more information.