KNAACK introduced two new chest lid features that are raising the industry standard for jobsite equipment storage and protection. The proprietary 3-Sided Easy Grip Lid and Anti-Slam Lid features will make safely accessing and storing tools even easier for professional contractors and remodelers.

“Regardless of a contractor’s trade specialty, they need easy, controlled access to their tools and equipment,” said Mike Bykowski, Senior Product Manager. “With the new Easy Grip and Anti-Slam chest lid features, we’re able to provide both convenience and protection – two factors that are critical to efficiently accessing a jobsite storage solution.”

The new KNAACK 3-Sided Easy Grip Lid offers a continuous ergonomic grip for increased ease of access, allowing workers to quickly and easily open their storage chest from nearly any angle. The KNAACK Anti-Slam Lid is gas strut supported, helping to regulate closing speed and ensuring user control when opening and closing the chest.

The 3-Sided Easy Grip feature now comes standard on most KNAACK chest models, while the Anti-Slam feature is available on all products, except models 36 and 32. Now popular KNAACK models, including STORAGEMASTER and JOBMASTER Chests include new industry leading features without an increase in cost.

KNAACK jobsite storage chests offer a smart organizational solution for busy contractors that are interested in taking jobsite efficiencies to the next level. Maximum security, increased productivity and user safety are the cornerstone to the KNAACK brand.