Residential/Commercial Stucco 


The company offers everything the professional needs for residential or commercial stucco projects of any size. Basecoat options include the expected scratch and brown along with water-stop, fiber reinforced and pump grade versions to meet the needs of any job. The company also offers 20 easy-to-mix liquid coloring agents. The company also offers finish coats, including a one coat product that is fiberglass reinforced. For large projects basecoats and finish coats can be purchased in bulk. For existing stucco work that’s damaged, QUIKRETE offers a complete line of repair and patch products. For more information, visit

Exterior Plastering Trowel

BEROXpert North America

BeroRasp is the perfect way to smooth the EPS walls perfectly flat without clogging the plate and gouging the wall. Its very lightweight plate is changeable when it becomes dull. No more heavy wavy plates. The replacement time is less than a minute; no more messy glue. The product comes in 11 inch by 5 inch and the massive 16 inch by 7 inch for those big open walls. An exclusive inside corner rasp takes the work out of smooth, level and plumb corners. The company’s tools are made with the professional in mind. Exclusively from dealers and distributors in North America. 

Woodgrain Finish Product


The company now offers a product that has the look and feel of wood. With The company’s woodgrain finish techniques, one can incorporate all the rich tones and textures of real woodgrain into your building’s aesthetic—and also get the superior weatherability, durability and energy efficiency of a Dryvit’s Outsulation system. Outsulation systems deliver the latest in building science, resulting in operational energy efficiency, cost effective construction, and low maintenance, low embodied energy building envelopes. For more information, visit

Masonry Veneer Facades

Sto Corp.

StoVentec is for masonry veneer facades, a new offering in the line of ventilated rainscreen cladding systems to support thin brick masonry veneer cladding. The latest introduction is part of the company’s ongoing effort to expand its array of unlimited design flexibility with a broad range of architectural surfaces. Following standard procedure with a new product introduction, the company is conducting full system testing. In particular, it is testing the sheer bond strength of industry standard thin brick masonry veneer products with Sto’s masonry adhesive. For more information, visit

Stucco Embedment System

ClarkDietrich Building Systems

The Easy Embedment System comprises of Structa Wire Structalath with BackerBead with E-Flange and Control Joint with E-Flange. The system reduces the top two causes of stucco failure: lack of embedment and failure to properly terminate at door and window penetrations. This EES system also reduces labor costs and allows the installer to fully cover the components. With such a contractor-friendly system, installers can achieve consistent results with minimal training or expertise. The E-Flange is a raised triangle flange design that provides 80 percent more stucco embedment than standard “flat flange” profiles, which can reduce chances of cracking and improve the long-term performance of the cladding. BackerBead with E-Flange also features a pre-set blue backer rod that is affixed to the vinyl casing bead and set to the exact height and depth. This allows the installer to create a gap on the wall without the hassle of aligning it in the field, thereby saving time and materials. For more information, visit

Scratch & Brown Fiber Reinforced Stucco


The Scratch & Brown Fiber Reinforced Stucco is a custom blend of cementitious materials, additives, aggregates and alkali resistant fibers meeting ASTM C 926 requirements. The special sand gradation used provides excellent workability and finishing properties for the applicator as well as increases the flexural strength of the wall while reducing cracking and crazing common with traditional field-mixed stucco. The final wall system will produce a non-load bearing, aesthetically pleasing exterior veneer or interior finish on concrete or masonry walls, stud walls or metal buildings. For more information, visit

CI Starter Track

Plastic Components

The company’s Continuous Insulation Starter Trac for basecoat and hard coat wall systems. This product is intended to save on labor with one-piece continuous insulation STCI series for (3/4- and 7/8-inch grounds) hard coat stucco. Designed for the base of a hard coat stucco CI wall, this weeped product combines the Trac with a built-in termination bead. It saves installation time, improves job quality and delivers a better finish. Warnock-Hersey certified, these contractor-grade PVC trims are made for 1½-, 2- or 2½-inch foam, for use with three-coat stucco finishes. The product is patent pending. For more information, visit