The first conference agenda led by owners, designers and contractors to focus on integration and collaboration.

Duplication of work, hesitancy to share content and miscommunication are driving the construction industry crazy and is hindering efforts to deliver projects on time and on budget. The only solution is the integration of teams and improved collaboration across owners, designers and contractors.

In an ideal world, each design would factor in every aspect of construction and facility management and changes to the original design would be coordinated in real-time across all stakeholders. Yet in reality software and content incompatibility and the distribution of project teams across offices all over the world makes keeping models up to date a nightmare task.

That's why the inaugural BIM Integration Congress was brought to life - to showcase the solutions implemented by leading owners, facility managers, architects, engineers and construction companies to forge integrated teams - as though they were sitting around the same table - and improve collaboration to reduce the duplication of work and ensure projects are delivered on time and on schedule.

Topics to be discussed include:

OWNER PERSPECTIVES: Understanding what deliverables clients need, their expectations for BIM integration and best practice facility management

INTEGRATION: Forging a single project team across multiple offices to ensure designs have constructability and facility management in-mind

CONSTRUCTION: Developing bi-directional collaboration between the field and models to reduce construction errors and keep the project on schedule

CLOUD SOLUTIONS: Hearing how remote servers can enable access to large files and enhance collaboration, however your team is distributed across the world

BIM IMPLEMENTATION: Incentivizing every department with the measurable benefits of BIM to enhance integration through each project

ON-SITE TECHNOLOGY: Revealing successful implementation of laser scanning and model-based layout at the job-site

PLUS: Eureka moments delivered across content standards, dealing with design changes, clash detection, model-based estimating, energy analysis and training strategies


Event: BIM Integration Congress

Date: August 26 - 27th, 2015

Location: San Francisco, California

Web Link: