Interior finishes manufacturer Baresque announced the North American launch of Zintra Acoustic Clouds and Baffle System, two different ceiling treatment product ranges, according to Baresque executive director Angus Blaiklock.

“Zintra Clouds and Baffle System both add dynamic 3-D texture to a ceiling, whether suspended or directly adhered to it,” Blaiklock said. “The added bonus is they also reduce the annoying bounce-back of sound that happens so often in commercial hard-surface environments.”

Zintra Clouds, which are comprised of grid-like “blades” made of the same polyester felt as Zintra Acoustic Panels, are available in four different products, with standard diameters are 43 to 47 inches, depending upon the shape (square or circle).

The Zintra Acoustic Baffle System is an easy-to-install replacement for a traditional mineral fiber lay-in ceiling system. Available in two standard sizes and two baffle depths, the system comes with a pre-assembled frame ready to affix to the ceiling substrate or hang via ceiling rods and adjustable suspension hangers. The Zintra Acoustic Baffle System is aesthetically conscious and ideally suited to large noisy spaces.

Both product ranges are Class A fire rated and provide a noise reduction coefficient of at least 0.9.