Australian-based interior finishes manufacturer Baresque announced it has signed an exclusive U.S. distribution agreement with MDC for its Zintra Acoustic Solutions product range, according to Baresque executive director Angus Blaiklock. 
“We have received an incredibly warm reception and great demand from the American interior design community since we launched here last spring,” Blaiklock said. “MDC’s nearly five decades of selling interior wall coverings provides both a great fit and a strategic advantage for Zintra that will enable us to quickly expand our reach.” 
Baresque’s Zintra product line includes:
Zintra Acoustic Panels, a line of cost-effective sound-reducing panels in 110-inch-long sheets, ideal for joint-free floor-to-ceiling applications, in a broad range of neutral and bright colors
Zintra Acoustic Textures, acoustic panels with subtle 3-D relief in a wide range of designs 
Zintra Systems, a range of prefabricated, packaged and easy-to-install noise-reducing wall, ceiling and room-divider systems
Zintra Acoustic Solutions deliver a noise reduction coefficient (NRC) of 0.35 – 0.90, depending upon installation and distance from the wall.
“MDC delivers an especially high level of service to the A/D community,” Blaiklock said. “Its salespeople are employees, rather than independent reps, which enables them to focus on our product category exclusively.”