Fontan Architecture is quickly making a name for itself in the New York City area with its broad range of capabilities and commitment to excellence in all phases of design. The firm's portfolio provides a snapshot of these capabilities, which include single family residences, apartment buildings, commercial spaces and interior renovations.

"We're concerned not only with how a structure looks, but how the space will be used," explains Founder Jorge Fontan. "Exceptional architecture requires thinking about how spaces make people feel, whether the space is a small residence or a business serving many people. Our team can handle all types of projects, and no challenge is too great. We bring tremendous experience and knowledge to every client interaction; it is step one in delivering impressive designs and practical results."

As a small firm, Fontan Architecture offers a personalized level of service. The firm's architects maintain close contact with clients through every stage of a project. Clients can rest assured that buildings and interiors will not only look great, but function at a high level. 

Fontan has a background in the construction industry, so he intimately understands the technical aspects of design. As a result, there's no back-and-forth between architects and contractors over what can or cannot be accomplished within a given space.

Sustainability is a guiding principle in all of Fontan Architecture's projects. The firm strives to find the right balance with the surrounding environment. Achieving this balance means choosing the best materials and technologies, while also envisioning how people will interact with the space. In practical terms, sustainable design can incorporate everything from solar panels and recycled materials to energy-efficient lighting and HVAC systems.  

"Making spaces that people will enjoy and be proud of is the ultimate goal of sustainability," concludes Fontan. "Great spaces are timeless–they become an integral part of their environment. These spaces therefore have a long life cycle, because owners and residents are encouraged to maintain them to a high standard."