How do you thank severely injured Veterans who have sacrificed so much by serving our country? Homes for Our Troops (HFOT) believes providing mortgage-free homes that accommodate the needs of these brave men and women is a crucial step in helping them rebuild their lives — and CertainTeed wholeheartedly agrees.
The North American building products manufacturer has been a dedicated partner of the organization since 2009, and recently added vinyl siding, polymer siding, housewrap and exterior trim to the extensive portfolio of products it donates to HFOT projects across the United States. The CertainTeed involvement with this top-rated charity, based on the rating of Charity Navigator, also extends to many CertainTeed employees actively participating in numerous HFOT community build events.
Over the years of its involvement with HFOT, CertainTeed has been the exclusive provider of roofing, insulation and gypsum products to the organization. With the addition of siding, housewrap and exterior trim products, Veterans will be able to have even more options to seamlessly coordinate a home tailored to their personal taste.
“We’re pleased to join our colleagues in the Roofing, Insulation and Gypsum businesses as one of Homes for Our Troops’ primary partners,” said Pam Schechter, president of CertainTeed Siding. “We’re extremely proud that our products will help Veterans and their families enjoy new homes that are not only practical, in terms of meeting their accessibility requirements, but beautiful as well.”
Veterans will be able to choose from four vinyl siding color palettes, developed by the color experts at CertainTeed: Warm and Inviting, Cool and Fresh, Strong and Bold, and Natural and Serene. Within each palette are five home front facades featuring siding and accessories with classic, subtle, distinct or complementary color variations. Products include Restoration Classic Select Cedar Clapboard siding with accent options of either Cedar Impressions Straight Edge Perfection Shingles to highlight areas like gables, or using Board & Batten Vertical Siding for a traditional look of alternating wide and narrow cedar boards instead. Vented soffit, skirtboard, Restoration Millwork cellular PVC exterior trim and Vinyl Carpentry decorative exterior trim round out the full package of available accessories.
However, before any siding, exterior trim and coordinating accessories are applied, a high performance, exterior weather deterrence wall system is installed for long-term performance, enhanced energy efficiency and protection from the elements. CertainTeed CertaWrap Weather Resistant Barrier, CertaFlash and CertaTape products work together to provide a water- and wind-tight, properly ventilated building envelope for each home — a combination highly effective in helping to prevent mold, mildew and water damage both during and after construction.
HFOT homes also feature a CertainTeed interior wall system, including Sustainable Insulation fiberglass batts or OPTIMA Blown-in, made from recycled and renewable content and MemBrain Continuous Air Barrier and Smart Vapor Retarder that allows walls to ‘breathe’ for intelligent protection from moisture and air leaks; as well as high-performance gypsum products tailored to the specific needs of each room. For example, for spaces prone to moisture, such as bathrooms and laundry rooms, M2Tech Moisture & Mold Resistant wallboard and GlasRoc Diamondback tile backer are selected. These interior materials are also Greengaurd Gold Certified for low chemical emissions, meeting stringent standards for improving the quality of the air in which the products are used.
In addition, a CertainTeed Integrity Roof System – comprised of underlayment, shingles, accessories and ventilation products – is installed on each home to provide optimum protection from the elements. The Landmark shingle series offers new homeowners a wide array of color blends to choose from, and come backed by an industry-leading lifetime limited warranty. For complete comfort, all attics are insulated with InsulSafe SP premium blowing wool.
Since its founding in 2004, Homes for Our Troops has built more than 210 mortgage-free, specially adapted energy-efficient homes for Veterans severely injured in combat after Sept. 11, 2001. Each four-bedroom, two-bath home is Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant, complete with roll-in showers, roll-under cooktops and sinks, and other standard accessibility items. Construction of a home takes five to seven months, with the cost of each build averaging $430,000.
“With the addition of siding, CertainTeed has stepped up once again to support our organization with an additional array of quality products,” said Tim McHale, president/CEO of Homes for Our Troops. “And while we obviously appreciate the donation of top-of-the-line building materials in our Veteran’s homes, the biggest asset for us in this partnership with CertainTeed is that everyone takes this relationship so personally. These compassionate professionals help in any way they can, from connecting HFOT to their business partners to participating in our volunteer events and assisting our builders.”
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