Compact and Portable Pump

Graco Inc.

ToughTek CM20 continuous mixer is part of the ToughTek family of mortar pumps and mixers, offering contractors a portable, more economical approach to continuous mixing. This continuous mixer is rated for a standard 120-volt outlet, allowing contractors to use the system on nearly any job site. The mixer features simplified controls, with only an on/off toggle switch and adjustable needle valve that maintains constant water flow throughout the day. Compared to other continuous mixers, the machine is lightweight and portable, but can still hold up to three 80-pound bags of pre-blended stucco. In addition, the molded mixing section and multiple latches make disassembly for cleaning and transport easier. To learn more, visit


CI Wall System

Sto Corp.

StoTherm ci XPS is an integrated, continuous-insulation wall system with a fluid-applied StoGuard air and moisture barrier that is air-and moisture controlled, thermally-efficient and highly durable due to the XPS insulation. It helps cut energy costs, reduces maintenance expenses and adds value by offering designers a variety of aesthetic choices, thanks to a wide range of decorative and protective finish appearances (such as EIFS, Stucco, Limestone, Brick and smooth- or water-repellant surfaces), available in virtually unlimited colors. For more information, visit


Masonry Veneer Systems

Parex USA

The company offers the only MVS-CI system to obtain an evaluation report showing code compliance. In addition, Parex also offers the only fire-tested solution using an adhered veneer over continuous insulation. Its MVS-CI is fire-tested over CI to the NFPA standard – For a Type I – IV building. The product is a lightweight solution to reduce structural components and reduce building costs. The system includes WeatherTech WRBs, a superior water resistive and air barrier that will not rip or tear like traditional building paper. For additional information, visit


Aluminum Plaster, EIFS Trims

Flannery Inc.

Aluminum Plaster and EIFS Trims create an aesthetic reveal in any stucco wall system. Plaster Trims break up the stucco walls by creating horizontal, vertical and corner reveal lines. Direct Application EIFS and Smooth Finish EIFS Vents are ventilated trims that can be inserted into a soffit application. The trims come in a number of depths and shapes for different stucco and EIFS system for just the right design look. For more information, visit


Foam-to-Foam Adhesive

Demand Products

The Pro-Lok Foam to Foam Adhesive is for bonding EPS and XPS. It now features a higher bonding strength and quicker set time while maintaining the same low expansion properties as the original. Like the original, the new formulation is a one-step bonding adhesive. There is no need to separate the two surfaces to tack up and rejoin. Simply apply the product in an even, consistent bead and join the two substrates for a secure bond. The company has also upgraded the nozzle, ensuring consistent and reliable output time after time. For more information, visit


Liquid Flashing Membrane

BASF Construction Chemicals

MaxFlash liquid flashing membrane is a one-component elastomeric material for use as a flexible waterproof flashing membrane at rough openings. It can also be used to prepare sheathing joints for subsequent application of air/water-resistive barrier membranes or for use with water-resistive gypsum sheathing. The product is compatible with damp substrates and can withstand immediate rainfall. Because the product cures quickly, it allows contractors to install windows within hours of application. This makes it ideal for new construction and restoration projects, which involve flashing rough openings. The product can be used on its own or as part of an EIFS or insulated stucco system. For more information, visit


Scratch and Brown Fiber Reinforced Stucco


Engineered and pre-blended to provide superior uniformity and durability when used as the scratch and brown coat in three-coat wall systems, Scratch & Brown Fiber Reinforced Stucco is a custom blend of cementitious materials, additives, aggregates and alkali resistant fibers all meeting ASTM C 926 requirements. The special sand gradation used provides excellent workability and finishing properties for the applicator as well as increases the flexural strength of the wall for reduced cracking and crazing common with traditional field-mixed stucco. For more information, visit