After a decade in the closet, Walls & Ceilings has dusted off its Dry T-Shirt Contest and is ready for your company’s submissions. Originally presented by Adventures in Drywall columnists’ Kevin Bush (and for a time Bill Scannell), this fun and cool contest will be presented in early 2017.

The magazine is asking its readers to send in pictures of their company’s work T-shirts. Bush and W&C will judge the winners based on how creative the designs are, its message, poses, and other artistic merits. 

Send your pictures or even mail in your T-shirts if you want to Marissa Russo and John Wyatt at and/or

To send in your T-shirts, mail to:

Walls & Ceilings magazine
Attn: Marissa Russo
2401 W. Big Beaver Rd.
Suite 700
Troy, MI  48083