Master Wall Inc. has announced the availability of its SuperiorShield Building Protection Solutions Brochure. SuperiorShield is the product-line branding Master Wall will use for its entire offering of air and water barrier products.

The SuperiorShield Building Solutions are your one-stop shop for air and water protection for your buildings. The products are designed to work seamlessly with one another as part of a comprehensive air and water protection strategy.

The brochure allows customers to easily educate their prospects on the benefits of fluid-applied air and water barrier products offered by the company. Fluid-applied air and water barrier products are one of the fastest growing product lines in the entire construction industry. These products offer its distributors an expanded offering of products for use outside of the EIFS and stucco industry as well as with current EIFS and stucco installers.

Within the SuperiorShield product-line, customers can offer assemblies which have been tested to meet the NFPA 285 standard, as well as received Air Barrier Association of America evaluation. Offering assemblies meeting the NFPA 285 standard and being ABAA evaluated are crucial criteria for the construction community to know they are using high-quality air and water barrier products.

The products which are considered part of the SuperiorShield Building Protection Solutions are:

  • Rollershield RS
  • SuperiorShield Trowel Grade (TG)
  • SuperiorShield Vapor Barrier (VB)
  • Guardian
  • WeatherSTOP
  • SuperiorFlash
  • SuperiorShield Flashing Tape
  • SuperiorShield Mesh
  • WeatherSTOP Tape
  • SuperiorShield Drainage Venting (DV) Roll

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