eSUB Construction Software is pleased to announce a brand new product integration, bringing together PlanGrid's user-friendly field productivity application for construction professionals with eSUB’s project management and document control platform for unmatched collaboration and productivity in the field.
By integrating these two leading, best of breed solutions in field data collection, eSUB and PlanGrid will deliver a complete mobile solution for construction subcontractors, specializing in electrical, mechanical, HVAC, framing, concrete, drywall, masonry, steel erection, and many other types of construction work. The integration will help place up-to-date information at the fingertips of users no matter where they are.
“Our goal is to provide subcontractors with improved access to real-time information and superior data collection tools in the field via mobile and cloud-based technology,” said Wendy Rogers, CEO of eSUB Construction Software. “The integration of eSUB and PlanGrid’s applications will be instrumental in helping businesses make better decisions, attain greater efficiency both in the office and on the job site, and achieve higher profits,” she said.
"Many leading construction subcontractors choose eSUB because it was designed specifically with them in mind," says Tracy Young, CEO of PlanGrid. "We're excited that customers will use eSUB and PlanGrid to bridge collaboration between the field and the office, both within their own firms and with their general contractors.

Partnership Remedies Many Significant Issues Subcontractors Face
By working together, eSUB and PlanGrid offer a secure, scalable solution that users will quickly adopt across their construction companies. Enabling the field and office staff with these cutting edge technologies will help construction subcontractors:

  • Get paid for all the work they perform by allowing the office and field teams to stay connected to the latest files and quickly document work in the field.
  • Mitigate litigation risks by hosting and preserving all project data in the cloud, even after the project is completed.
  • Managing multiple jobs with instant access to information relevant to their work.
  • Solve problems caused by unexpected conditions, such as weather.
  • Remove obstacles to beat production rates.
  • Collaborate closely and in real-time with general contractors.

"eSUB is very excited about the opportunity to extend the power of our platform via this partnership," said Don Araldi, vice president, Sales of eSUB. "Many of our customers highly regard PlanGrid, and we see this as a very strategic relationship, with unique benefits for the field, which should provide customers with significant competitive advantages."
"Together, PlanGrid and eSUB help address the specific needs of subcontractors,” said James Cook, head of strategic alliances & partnerships at PlanGrid. “This partnership will enable both field and office workers to share the accurate data they need to keep projects running on time and within budget.”
The eSUB-PlanGrid partnership announcement marks the first phase of feature development where users can save PlanGrid snapshots to eSUB and attach drawings and annotations to any eSUB document (Submittals, Daily Reports, Change Orders, PO’s, etc.), to create a complete record of what happens on the job site. Users in the field have actionable project information right on their mobile device and no longer will need to haul pounds of excessive paper around the job site, nor potentially miss opportunities to get paid.