Destruction from flames and noxious fumes can be stopped in its tracks with a fire hose, but can also be contained by taking the proper firestop measures during construction. Using dependable products that can quell fire and seal joints is a critical first step, which is why 3M has extended its innovative reach and added 3M Fire Barrier Watertight Spray to its portfolio of firestop products. The spray acts as a barrier to water leakage and airborne sound transmission, while helping control the spread of fire, heat and smoke. The product is a moisture-curing hybrid siliconized polymer that forms a tough coating, making it an excellent choice for the treatment of large areas that require both fire protection and a watertight seal. Building contractors can use 3M’s spray to seal off perimeter joints and floor-to-floor or floor-to-wall construction joints. The spray provides uniform results under varying conditions and is freeze/thaw-resistant. As the latest innovation in firestop spray, its elastic material maintains performance across a broad range of applications with up to ±10 percent movement capabilities. 3M Fire Barrier Watertight Spray exhibits superior washout resistance in passing ASTM D6904 after just two hours of cure time, meets UL W Rating – Class 1 requirements, and is paintable when paired with primer.

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