Reveal and shadow beads are some of the most popular specialty beads on the market today. Their popularity comes from their multiple uses and  a sleek look. They are used most often in commercial construction to break up long runs of drywall while adding visual detail. However, there are many circumstances where reveal and shadow beads are an ideal product for residential jobs.

To begin, it is essential to know the difference between the two types of beads. Reveal beads have a center channel that creates a vertical or horizontal recess in drywall. They can be used to accent the design of a space, provide expansion control or both. Due to the flexibility properties of vinyl reveals, they offer built in expansion control. Most brands of reveal beads come in varying widths in order to customize the design.

Shadow beads create a similar look to reveal beads but are used when the design calls for the product to butt up against ceilings, base trim and other finished architectural components. Reveal and shadow beads are available in both metal and vinyl. However, vinyl offers additional benefits and cost savings since it can easily form around curved surfaces and does not dent or rust.

Test For Creativity

In residential construction where there are large expanses of drywall, it may be necessary to incorporate expansion control joints with reveal and shadow beads. However, most residential spaces do not require extensive expansion control, but décor choices or interior designs are typically very important to residential homeowners. That is where reveal and shadow beads come in handy.

For those homeowners or builders that are looking to create clean, modern, minimalist spaces reveal and shadow bead are perfect choices. Since minimalist design is all about simplifying, traditional home details like crown molding, ornate staircases and even baseboards are not desired. However, a plain, blank space with zero visual details is often not suitable either. Minimalist design requires the right balance of just enough detail.

Creating modern, minimalist design elements in a residential space can be challenging, but the look can be achieved with the help of the right products. There are many different ways to integrate reveal and shadow beads into a minimalist home. One common way is through the installation of flush baseboards. To install flush baseboards, first stop the edge of the drywall with an L bead. Complete the job by installing the baseboard flush with the drywall. Not only does this add to the décor, but it also eliminates the dust shelf that often occurs on top of baseboard trim.

Another option for baseboards is to create a baseboard with shadow bead. Installing a shadow bead immediately above the baseboard, creates a clean, visually interesting alternative to a traditional baseboard. Shadow bead baseboard also creates a clean crisp shadow around the perimeter of the room, accenting the space.

Staircases are another ideal place to highlight minimalist design. Recessed handrails eliminate bulky, traditional handrails and saves space in the stairwell while still offering support while going up the stairs. In addition, reveal beads can be used on banisters to provide a minimalist alternative to traditional banisters.

An additional way to use reveal and shadow beads in minimalist homes is to highlight architectural features, like specialty doors or windows. Oftentimes, builders and homeowners looking for a minimalist look choose to create casing free doors and windows with these beads.

The Perfect Finish

These applications are just a few of the many possibilities of using reveal and shadow bead in residential jobs, but they may fall flat when installed on poorly finished walls. Sleek reveal and shadow bead details need smoothly finished walls to match, which is why many minimalist style homes feature level five finishing. To achieve the perfect level five finish, the right supplies are essential. Selecting a cornerbead with a tall nose will allow the bead to accept the amount of compound needed to create a flawless finish.

Minimalist design is popular right now. By learning to integrate reveal and shadow beads into these spaces, rooms can transform quickly and easily from plain boxes into modern and sleek spaces. The only limit to these products is your creativity.