Marino\WARE announced the next generation of the ViperStud Drywall Framing system. After working several years with steel mills to develop specialty high-strength steel for high-performance drywall framing, the Viper20 drywall framing stud and track will soon be available as a 70ksi (Type NS70-ASTM A1003) stud and track in a design thickness of 0.0190".

All testing for limiting heights, screw pullout, pullover, shear and spin-out have been completed, validating that the product is code-compliant as evidenced in the newly revised ICC-ES code compliance report. Additional testing with all major brands of high-impact wallboard has also been conducted and will be included in the new catalog. Submittal sheets and literature will all be available on the Marino\WARE website soon. At that time, all quotes will transition to the new Viper20 product. The current iteration of 57 KSI Viper20 will continue to be available during the transition time and will be sold as Viper20D.