The marketing, advertising and public relations firm, Hayes Martin Associates, Inc. is honoring its 30th anniversary with a refreshed brand design and sleek new website. The new look has bright with bold yellow hues and gray accents, representing the agency’s most defining characteristics.

According to officials, the yellow reflects the optimism, enthusiasm and confidence of Hayes Martin, while the gray mirrors the outlook and smart business approach that has taken the team across three decades of success. By “hitting refresh” on its brand, the agency is celebrating its legacy and shaping the future with renewed excitement.  

Sandy Keed founded Hayes Martin in 1987. Her vision was to partner with the best in homebuilding and land development. By surrounding herself with an extraordinary team, delivering exceptional offerings and evolving with the industry, she built an enduring reputation seeped in integrity, mutual respect, and the ability to transform vision into reality. Today, Hayes Martin serves as strategic advisor, marketing council, and public relations agency to the nation’s preeminent homebuilders and master-planned communities, providing marketing and branding expertise for developments ranging from affordably priced infill and multi-use projects to multi-million-dollar golf courses, country clubs, and resorts.

“All of us at Hayes Martin have an amazing respect for this industry and are privileged to play such a meaningful role in its accomplishments. Together with our partners, we change lives and make a positive impact that is incredibly gratifying — and we’re so blessed to still experience that passion after 30 years in the business,” said Sandy Keedy. “The cherry on top is that our industry peers have honored us with over 150 awards, and that makes us feel even more fortunate to be part of this wonderful professional community.”  

The key to Hayes Martin’s staying power is the company’s innate capacity to evolve and be at the forefront of groundbreaking creative projects. As the decades progressed, the agency endured recessions, fleeting trends and the shifting landscape of marketing. Yet by remaining true to its original values, goals and vision, Hayes Martin powered through and intensified its capabilities to meet every new challenge. The agency’s comprehensive suite of services includes strategy, branding, digital media, public relations, social media and statistical reporting. Together, these services have culminated in groundbreaking creative marketing for the industry’s most respected homebuilders and land developers; a feat that Hayes Martin is determined to continue. “Our team loves what we do here,” notes Sandy. “We collaborate, strategize, create …and ultimately elevate dreams. It just doesn’t get better than that.”