Members of the American Concrete Institute can now receive free digital access to the Institute’s 200+ practices – including all guides and reports – plus free shipping in the continental United States. Additionally, members will have the added benefit of using two new substantial discounts:

  • Digital access to ACI’s 50 active codes and specifications — this includes all ACI’s code requirements on structural, environmental, residential, repair, and more, including current and historic versions; and
  • Access to the new, annual subscription of ACI University’s monthly webinars and on-demand courses.

Based on feedback indicating preference for immediate, digital access to information, ACI structured its improved individual membership benefits around immediate digital access to ACI’s practices, while providing substantial discounts to add digital access to ACI’s codes and specifications, too.

Members will also now receive free media mail shipping in the continental United States. These new benefits are in addition to current benefits—Concrete International magazine; ACI Materials Journal; ACI Structural Journal; discounts; ACI University course tokens; access to the ACI Career Center; inclusion in the ACI Member Directory; and the opportunity to join committees.

“Now is the absolute best time to become an ACI member,” stated Melinda G. Reynolds, Director of Membership and Customer Service for the American Concrete Institute. “ACI has always been the premier community dedicated to the best use of concrete. With these new additions to ACI’s individual membership benefits, members can join the ACI community while also getting more of the tools they need to stay informed, learn and do their jobs. ACI members are connected to tens of thousands of other ACI members in more than 130 countries.”

Learn more about the new membership benefits by calling 248-848-3800 or visiting