CEMCO has announced three new corporate appointments.

Eric Larson is being promoted to vice president of sales and marketing. Eric has been with CEMCO for 25 years and has been very successful in many positions at CEMCO. Starting in sales and moving into a sales management role and for the past 3 years he has most recently been director of business development.  We look forward to Eric’s vision in his new role in leading the sales, customer service and business development groups.  

Wes Westmoreland (Not pictured above) has been named director of contractor marketing focusing on leading CEMCO’s efforts to increase visibility with the ultimate users of our products, the steel framing and metal lath contractor. Wes has been instrumental in the growth of CEMCO and the relationships he has cultivated over the last three decades, particularly with the contractors, is largely responsible for CEMCO’s overall success across the United States. In this new position, Wes will rely upon his vast experience in leveraging those relationships with CEMCO’s core competencies further enhancing CEMCO’s brand awareness and market prominence.  He has worked with CEMCO for 28 years.Lastly, CEMCO announced that Steve Farkas will take over as director of business development, managing marketing, technical services, engineering services and product managers. Farkas has been with CEMCO for 17 years most recently as CEMCO’s corporate marketing manager.

CEMCO President Tom Porter said,”CEMCO has focused on building from within, and is fortunate to have these highly experienced professionals ready to step into higher levels of responsibility at a moment’s notice. As an industry leader we rely heavily on our employees and are excited to see these three leaders continue to guide CEMCO’s growth for many years to come.”