After leading the Vision 360 team for nearly five years, Curtis Yoder announced on June 29, 2018, that he would be stepping away from the company as its CEO.  Mr. Yoder explained that his decision was not made lightly but determined through many long hours of deliberation and soul-searching. He continued to say that the Construction industry made him the man he is today, and he will always respect and appreciate what it has provided for him and his family, but at this point in his life, it was time to follow his passion in Real Estate Investing.


Left in the capable hands of his former partner Tom Cregan, Vision 360's future is solidly pointing towards success. Tom and Curtis have done an outstanding job building a robust backlog that will keep the team busy over the coming years. Success comes as no surprise since the duo has experienced multiple achievements together in various capacities over the past 18 years. Because of their long-term friendship, Curtis wishes Tom the best and will support him in any way he can.


Curtis's future in Real Estate investing started in the late 1990's in his hometown of Tulsa, OK. By picking up one or two small residential houses, Curtis learned the local real estate market and started to build his investment team. Now, he has mastered the art of "the deal" and is looking forward to focusing more time on developing his real estate investment portfolio.


Curtis said he would miss the hustle of General Contracting alongside Tom and wants to thank the entire team at Vision 360 for their hard work and dedication. Curtis's decision is bittersweet, but he understands that having the means to follow your dreams is a blessing that he cannot ignore.


Please direct any communication regarding Vision 360 to Mr. Tom Cregan at


If you would like to contact Curtis Yoder regarding real estate questions or investment opportunities he can be reached through email at