HPIP has embarked on a new aspect of serving contractors. We have worked hard to educate, train, and certify contractors who install high performance systems.


We have now launched an entry level training program across the U.S. In Dallas, nearly 250 entry-level trained workers are ready to be connected with employers. Nationwide, HPIP has worked with the Department of Labor to train nearly 1,500 workers with our entry-level certificate.


On August 29, 2018, HPIP will be co-hosting a one-day job fair event, held in Dallas, Texas, designed to connect workers and employers, closing the labor shortage gap. This pilot event is slated to be held in each workshop city going forward. We encourage all TX employers to take advantage of this great opportunity! The event is open to all contractors, regardless of location.


If your company is interested in sending a hiring authority to this event, please call or email Kristin Bennett at 605-949-2427 or kristin@hpipros.org.