Global Specialty Products USA, Inc. Appoints IDI Distributors, Inc. as a new distributor for the U.S. Market.


Effective immediately Global Specialty Products USA, Inc., a U.S. based manufacturer has entered into a non-Exclusive Distribution Agreement with Minnesota-based IDI Distributors, Inc., the rights to distribute and resell Global Specialty Products-USA, Inc.'s ECO & Worker Friendly Flushing & Immersion Cleaning Products for the removal of uncured or cured Diisocyanates (A), Ridged & Flexible Polyurethane Foam, Polyurea Coating, Industrial Resins (Epoxy, Polyester, Vinylester), Fiberglass, etc. This agreement will also include distribution of other specialty products such as Storage Fluid & Coalescent Chemicals for long-term storage of Spray Foam Equipment, Spray Guns, as well as, Protecting Pump Packaging & Bearings from Damage (Protecting Airless Paint & Coating Sprayers).


The cleaning applications include flushing of the ISO Line, Hoses, Spray Guns, as well as, removal of Isocyanates and Urethane Foam Deposits and buildup from Feeding Lines, Mixing Heads, Gear Pumps, Troughs, Side Walls, Conveyor Parts, Hot Melt Roller Coaters, Foam Cutting Devices, Holding Tanks, Mixing Equipment, Injection Mold Equipment, etc.


Through IDI’s network of partners, Global Specialty Products - USA, Inc. will be able to strengthen its presence in the Spray Foam Market. IDI presently distributes Chemicals, Machinery, parts and supplies as well as training customers.


IDI's network will definitely provide us with the market penetration needed to serve the Spray Foam Contractors & Roofers for Rigid Polyurethane Foam market, as well as the Fiberglass Boat Manufacturers and Injection Mold on a much larger scale; said David Faghani, Managing Director at Global Specialty Products, USA, Inc. GSP USA has considered many regional distribution partners and we are confident that IDI's extensive presence, with over 50 locations and 150 trucks nationwide, in the Spray Foam Market along with local warehousing and distribution and network of customers throughout the region will help us leverage our position in these industries nationwide.