JLG Industries has engaged thousands of learners by upgrading to a scalable, flexible Totara Learn solution.

Working with Totara's 2018 America's Top Seller of the Year, Remote Learner, JLG Industries decided to upgrade from their previous Moodle platform to Totara Learn, following Remote Learner's advice that it would better support their growing needs. Totara Learn was chosen as it could accommodate a variety of different training scenarios for a large and diverse audience, as well as being a system with enterprise-level scalability for future expansion.

At the ATD International Conference and Exhibition on May 21st in Washington, DC, JLG Industries and Remote Learner held a live case study session, which demonstrated how they worked together to redesign the JLG learning experience, with custom plugins developed to enhance and extend Totara Learn's functionality while maintaining an easy path for future updates to the system.

From a single interface, JLG's learners can search for online videos, classroom training, e-learning and more, making for a much more intuitive user experience. Remote Learner also helped to set up a system to auto-enroll and track learners in a series of interrelated training activities leading to an overarching certification, with an additional integration created to allow learners to purchase printed ID cards for the certifications earned on the site.

The main benefits of migrating to Totara Learn are that JLG Industries now has a learning platform that will support its future growth, increased reporting capability for better visibility of learner and organizational progress, more powerful user management tools and the incorporation of multiple search pages into a single interface for all learning content, creating a more cohesive, efficient solution.

Darren LaRue, Product Training Specialist, Instructional Technologies at JLG Industries, said: "JLG has enjoyed a successful partnership with Remote Learner for many years. The unique nature of our business has presented many difficult challenges, but through dedication and innovation, JLG and Remote Learner have been able to solve those challenges together. With the recent transition of our learning management systems to Totara Learn, we can now offer new features and functionality to our customers that were not available before, and we look forward to what new possibilities this relationship will bring."

Discover what it takes to lead extended enterprise learning by tapping into the front-line experience of learning tech innovators and practitioners including, Darren LaRue from JLG Industries who will be joined by Charles Ackerman, Solutions Architect from Remote Learner, and Chief Learning Officer of Totara Learning, Lars Hyland in an upcoming webinar, How Extended Enterprise Learning Drives Growth, hosted by Talented Learning's John Leh on June 17th at 13.00 EST.