DuPont has announced a new distribution agreement with Endure Walls for Tedlar Wallcoverings in Europe.

"We are delighted about the expansion of the Endure Walls mandate in the fast-growing European region for commercial wallcoverings and believe this partnership will better serve our customers in Europe," said Fallyn Flaherty-Earp, global marketing manager, DuPont Advanced Materials.

Commenting on the new appointment, Ralph Crozier, global director at Endure Walls said, "The name of the game for Europe's highly sophisticated wallcoverings customers is customization, design, durability and maintenance — all qualities we can offer together with the exclusive range of Tedlar Wallcoverings, designed for protecting highly demanding surfaces in hospitality, healthcare and high-traffic spaces."

The announcement follows on the heels of a kick-off design council event in London last February, aimed at collecting feedback on the new Tedlar Wallcoverings collection for 2020 from a selection of British interior designers, and two years after a distributorship was signed with the company for North and Latin America.