What does it look like to reopen a business after a worldwide pandemic? We wish we knew. However, our publisher Jill Bloom and Roofing Contractor’s Editor Art Aisner, caught up with CEO of Cotney Construction Law, Trent Cotney to talk about just that. 

The three discuss the possible litigation and cybersecurity issues that may rise due to the pandemic. Cotney provides his legal insight on steps contractors can take to prepare for the unknown, while answering questions regarding the rumored additional stimulus funding and the possibility of building materials being made in the U.S. from now on.

Cotney also discusses bringing your employees back to work. “If you’ve got people working remote and you summon them back to work, there’s nothing illegal about that,” he says. “But you are potentially exposing yourself to liability, if for some reason somebody gets sick.”

It’s issues like this and more that we can expect to see arise from the COVID-19 pandemic. By creating a conversation around this topic, we hope these videos can provide you with not only insight, but relief.