The 2021 Wall and Ceiling Conference & Trade Show will be a virtual event taking place on April 26-29 on NWCB’s new Wall and Ceiling Campus. The safety and well-being of its members are the bureau’s priorities and we have rescheduled the 2021 in-person event planned at the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach to 2023. In 2022, the show will convene at the JW Marriott Camelback Inn in Scottsdale, Ariz.

The Wall and Ceiling Campus is, according to the NWCB, the best option when people can’t safely get together in person. Attendees will have an opportunity to connect and talk with other professionals in the wall and ceiling industry while one’s avatar move around the meeting venue and participate in meetings, seminar, social events and the trade show. 

Many associations have moved to virtual events and have seen an increase in their conference attendance during Covid-19. That’s no surprise as attending a virtual conference saves one both time and money when compared to in-person events. This year is a great chance for those who have not attended the NWCB conference and trade show in the past to come and experience it. There are no travel, hotel, food and freight/handling costs for exhibitors. The schedule has been designed so that each day, the bureau presents content that is timely and relevant to business (but the afternoon is open so that attendees will have free time). The schedule is also friendly to attendees from all the time zones within the Continental U.S.

The four-day event is organized by “theme” days. Monday is designated as the “Industry Meetings Day.” The day features a welcome session followed by industry caucus meetings and the opening of the trade show. One will be able to walk around the exhibit hall, visiting different vendors in their booths. Prizes will be given during the trade show as always. After the trade show hour is over, there will be a joint meeting of the industry contractors and labor-union representatives.

Tuesday is the “Management and Leadership Day,” which will feature two learning sessions on how to lead and inspire others during these turbulent times. The trade show will be open between the educational sessions, and one will have another chance to browse the exhibits and connect with the booth representatives.

Wednesday is the “Tech Day,” and there are two programs featuring the latest technology topics for construction professionals, plus again an hour to spend in the exhibit hall to talk with vendors and to find out about the latest product and services to help contractors build and work smarter and better.

The final day of our event is a “Field Technical Info Day,” and information will be shared on the latest best practices in the field and addressing issues that NWCB’s technical consultants frequently see on job walks. Between the sessions, attendees will have one final time to explore the exhibits and win prizes in the expo hall. A brief closing session in the auditorium will bring everyone together to recap and close the virtual conference.

Each exhibitor gets a double-booth, and they will be able to brand the booth including colors, logos, four graphics with the ability to hyperlink and a multi-feature web board that can project a website, video, slide shows or a web cam. Branding the booth can be done with a few mouse clicks. Each booth is a private conversation zone, which means that conversations inside the booth can’t be heard in the aisle and vice versa. In addition, each exhibitor will have the use of a private, customizable business lounge for the purpose of private meetings with attendees during the show outside the exhibit hours.

Booth sales are now open online through a link on the conference website. If you are an exhibitor and would like a tour of the exhibit hall, contact the NWCB and we will send you an invite for a tour.

Save the date and plan to attend the Virtual Wall and Ceiling Show & Trade Show on April 26-29. Keep an eye on your inbox for an invitation to register and visit the event website for the latest information. Next year’s event is scheduled to take place at the JW Marriott Camelback Inn in Scottsdale, Ariz., May 5-7.

Watch the conference video here.