Walls & Ceilings Editor John Wyatt is joined by Chad Dupree. Dupree is CEO/Project Manager of Diversified Plastering, a Houston–based company. Diversified Plastering, W&C’s July 2021 cover stars, is a family-run company specializing in framing, lath and plaster, EIFS, stone, thin brick, interior finishes, sound absorbing systems and more.

Dupree discussed the impact February’s winter storm had on Texas. “Houston is not ready for that winter part. We can do hurricanes and we can do rain, but that freezing…there’s nobody down here who’s ready for that one.” 

However, when Texas froze, Dupree didn’t even know it was going on. He was down for the count—with COVID.

After Dupree discusses getting back to work after COVID and how Houston bounced back after the freeze storm, he discusses the difficulties his company has faced during the supply chain shortage. “We bid some of these jobs over a year ago, and now they’re coming in and not being able to acquire everything…it was difficult,” Dupree says.

And like all contractors would agree, the supply chain shortage couldn’t be happening at a worse time. Recently, Dupree and his crew had half a year to complete projects at 17 different schools. “We had to get in and get out of there.”

The shortage has even led Dupree to borrow material from some of his competitors. “In TLPCA, there’s a nice little niche here that even though we compete against each other, we’re able to call each other and help each other out in a time of need.” 

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