Shaft Wall Stud System


The company’s CT Shaft Wall Stud System is an integral part of construction projects, and has been tested with most major drywall manufacturers, as well with ASTM, IBC, CBC, AISI, and ICC-ESR report 4934. The studs meet 2021 IBC/IRC per ICC-ESR 4934. The system is ideal for fire-rated shaftwalls, stairwells and horizontal ceilings. The company has received confirmation from ICC’s Evaluation Service that its CT Shaftwall studs are code compliant with the 2021 IBC/IRC. ICC-ESR 4943 is available for download at in the “Evaluation Reports” section. Available in the following configurations, CEMCO is ready to ship from all four facilities:

  • 2½ inch, 33 mil/40 ksi.
  • 4 inch, 33 mil/40 ksi and 43 mil/40 ksi.
  • 6 inch, 33 mil/40 ksi and 43 mil/40 ksi.

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Drywall Track System

Telling Industries

The VersaDry Track System allows drywall to sit 2 inches off the floor on a steel shelf, mitigating moisture and mold issues, while also preventing baseboard gypsum damage during construction and for the life of the building. Its fire-rated designs eliminate the need for caulk, resulting in a cost and labor savings. All VersaDry products offer improved track acoustical performance. The track is currently available in 1- or 2-piece designs with single or double-sided options that can accommodate 1 or 2 pieces of gypsum per side. For more information, please visit


Core & Shell Shade Pockets

Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Solutions

Axiom Core & Shell Shade Pockets allow building owners to provide a consistent “base” perimeter shade pocket installation throughout a building, while still allowing flexibility for future ceiling systems selected by the tenants. Made from extruded aluminum, the pre-engineered pockets integrate with both acoustical and drywall ceilings, and allow for an integrated transition between the wall and future ceiling system. By replacing the framing, boarding, taping, mudding, sanding, and painting commonly used for shade pockets, the products provide quality control at the perimeter and reduce the risk associated with field fabrication. For additional information, visit


Head-of-Wall Drift Clip

Simpson Strong-Tie

The HWDC head-of-wall drift-clip connector is used to secure the head of a wall to the bottom of a slab or beam. The unique design allows anchor screws to be installed closer to the bend, providing a stronger and stiffer connection while also allowing horizontal and vertical movement during seismic and high-wind events. HWDC5.25 provides anchorage location options with a third slot providing a solution for clips overhanging beam flanges. The connectors are an optimal solution for adding strength to window or door jambs at head-of-wall connections. Tested load values are provided for anchorage to steel and concrete. Its features include:

  • Unique design and placement of the anchorage slots allows for closer attachment of anchorage to the clip bend, providing increased load capacity;
  • The HWDC5.25 clip has three slots located at the anchorage leg allowing for attachment at the outer slots (anchorage pattern—centered) for maximum capacity or anchorage to the adjacent slots (anchorage pattern—off center) for walls that overhang the edge-angle or beam-edge;
  • Stiffening ribs are placed in between anchorage slots through the bend to provide additional strength and stiffness.

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Commercial-Grade Coil Strapping


Adding to its industry-leading lineup of clips and connectors, the company now offers a multi-purpose, commercial-grade coil strapping product for wall framing and floor joist applications. The commercial strapping takes the guesswork out of bracing, as the coil comes standard with pre-punched holes to speed up installation and improve overall installation costs. Product differentiators, such as pre-punched holes, user-friendly packaging and coming in a variety of lengths, all makes a contractor’s job easier.

The commercial strapping are available in 1 through 2½ inches, as well as 3 inch widths, and comes in lengths ranging from 100 to 200 feet. The new strapping product is also available in both 18 and 20 gauge options. For more information, visit


Collated Metal Framing Screws

Kyocera SENCO Industrial Tools

The company’s collated 3/4-inch metal-to-metal fasteners are suitable for heavy and light steel framing applications. The company offers a pan-head screw with a .34-inch T4 drill tip and a high-torque rex-drive recess, allowing penetration of up to 12 gauge steel. For lighter steel applications, a low-profile, modified truss head screw with a .22-inch drill tip and a Philips recess is available. The forged and hardened drill tips penetrate quickly, and the 22-TPI thread provides a secure hold. All SENCO screws are collated for use in auto-feed screw drivers with a torque-controlled or depth-sensitive clutch to prevent over-driving, such as the DuraSpin systems. For more information, visit


Hammer-locked Curves

Flex-Ability Concepts

Forming the right curve and maintaining it during installation is made easier with the Hammer-Lock feature of Flex-C Trac. The product allows curved walls, soffits, columns, arches and “S” curves to be created. Flex-C Trac is first curved to the desired design. The pivotal sections make it easy to create the curve with no uneven or flat spots. On a hard surface, the Hammer-Lock tabs are then hammered into place to embed them into the web and secure the shape. For added strength, self-tapping screws can be embedded into the side of the Flex-C Trac. Labor and material cost savings are among the greatest product benefits. For more information, visit


Light-weight Truss System


Ultra-Span Floor Trusses are non-combustible, light weight and available in from a minimum depth of 12-inches. The trusses are fabricated to exact dimensions to eliminate waste, and our fully-engineered designs assure fast construction. The trusses are compatible with a wide range of bearing materials and conditions, have UL-Rated Assemblies, IIC and STC Sound ratings and can be configured in custom designs that include loading conditions specific to your project. The design flexibility, speed to delivery and strength and stability of cold formed steel trusses is unmatched in the construction industry. Find out more at