Editor John Wyatt is joined by President of Dittemore Insulation Contractors Inc., Jeff Baxley. Dittemore, W&C’s March cover stars, has multiple divisions that cover the following: state and federal public works, K-12 and Higher Education, healthcare/hospital, tenant improvement, and high-rises.

Baxley further discusses Dittemore as a company, the challenges it faced during the pandemic that rolled over into 2022, and how they have had to adapt.

One of those 2020-2022 challenges Baxley discussed with W&C is access to materials.

“I would say this year is even tougher than before,” Baxley says.

Another area of challenge has been the supply chain issue that has impacted so many in the industry. 

And in a post-pandemic climate, where supply chain issues and price increases across the board are affecting businesses every day, how does Dittemore stay on top of it? 

Baxley says although it’s a challenge, the company has a backlog. According to him, in 2020 the company moved to grounds with a larger warehouse capacity, allowing the contractor more space to stock product. He credits the manufacturers that sell directly to him to allow this material so the contractor isn’t short on stock.

Yet business, despite the new norm of daily construction industry struggles, has still been booming. 

Since the company took over in 2018, it is its fourth consecutive year of 50 percent sales growth per year. 

“We’ve been blessed to have the best trade partners we could ask for to support this pattern,” says Baxley. “They were a key factor in providing the channels for growth.”

In addition to being W&C’s March cover stars, the company is also named one of W&C’s Top Insulation Contractors in North America.

Watch this video to hear more of Baxley insights on Dittemore’s growth as a company, staying ahead of material shortages, and providing the best service for customers.

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