Publisher Jill Bloom is joined by the executive director of the Northwest Wall & Ceiling Bureau (NWCB), Terri Kastner, and NWCB director of communications at events, Tiina Freeman to discuss the upcoming Wall and Ceiling Conference & Trade Show.

Walls & Ceilings’ can’t wait for the event, so we had to sit down Kastner and Freeman and get as many details as we could as to we can expect come May. 

Freeman kicks it off by reminding everyone that YES—this is an in-person event! The event will be taking place at the JW Marriott Camelback Inn Resort & Spa in sunny Scottsdale, Ariz. 

There will be in-person learning, networking, industry meetings, and other fun social events. And of course, it wouldn’t be a conference for the wall and ceiling industry if there wasn’t a golf tournament. 

“We will be hitting some golf balls at the Camelback Golf Club. We’ll be giving some awards, we have fabulous exhibits. And again, those industry meetings where people can work together to improve the industry,” Freeman says. 

Kastner hops in to discuss the educational opportunities. But not before expressing his excitement regarding the 2022 convention, seeing as the last one was in 2019.

“At our conference, we like to have a lot of educational opportunities for our contractors and members. And this year is no different,” Kastner says.

Two educational opportunities Kastner mentions are LMN Architects discussing gallivanted design; and National Gypsum discussing shaftwall assemblies and changes within the past year to those assemblies. 

“Very very important,” Kastner says. 

Tune into this short 4-minute video to hear more details about upcoming show.