EnergyEdge LLC is pleased to announce that it has signed an exclusive partnership with Omnis Panels LLC to distribute EnergyEdge Permanent Insulated Concrete Edge Formwork in the US.

Architect R.Tom Compton developed EnergyEdge products to meet the construction market's need for concrete slab edge insulation. EnergyEdge is a single solution that forms, insulates and protects exposed concrete perimeters in one product.

Omnis has a strong track record of partnering with market-leading companies and leveraging its best-in-class network to grow innovators in the US market.

“Our new alliance with the Omnis network expands our marketing and sales opportunities across the country and beyond,” said Compton, AIA of EnergyEdge LLC. “We look forward to meeting expanding market demands for our EnergyEdge materials. Thanks, Omnis, for allowing us to join your team!”

“We are thrilled to be EnergyEdge LLC’s partner of choice in the US,” said Beau Preston, President of Omnis Panels. “Slab edge insulation is required in IECC Energy and Building codes, while almost all building performance standards promote SEI to save energy in all kinds of construction. Adding EnergyEdge to our Concrete Technologies products enhances our sustainable building product offerings for architects and builders.”

EnergyEdge forming systems are extruded PVC “E”-shaped rails with high-density R-10 EPS insulation and serve multiple functions, including:

  • EnergyEdge formwork system insulates slab and foundation edges, meeting ICC building and energy codes.
  • EnergyEdge forming rails replace wood forming boards and provide protection, insulation and forming options for concrete foundations and slab edges in one product.
  • EnergyEdge formwork system remains in place to transition and protect concrete edges.
  • EnergyEdge forming systems save time and labor while reducing material waste and landfill costs.
  • EnergyEdge EPS insulation is termite-treated and approved for below-grade applications.