The Center for the Polyurethanes Industry announced the results of a three-year survey on the polyurethanes industry in the United States, Canada and Mexico on Sept. 6. The 2021 End-Use Market Survey on the Polyurethanes Industry in the United States, Canada and Mexico shows that polyurethane production rose to over 9.4 million pounds. U.S. polyurethane production rose in several major product segments between 2018 and 2021, with the most significant growth in the rigid foam market.

The survey’s high-level results illustrate that demand for polyurethanes remained steady even throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Markets that use polyurethane products, like outdoor leisure equipment and housing construction, experienced a surge in demand, continuing to drive growth in the polyurethanes industry.

“CPI’s survey is one of the most trusted sources of information on the industry, and it clearly demonstrates the organization’s role as the premier knowledge center for the North American polyurethanes industry,” said Lee Salamone, Senior Director of CPI. “The past few years have demonstrated just how resilient the polyurethanes industry has been and continues to be during ongoing challenges, such as COVID-19 and supply chain issues. We continue to see strong performance, thanks to the many dedicated professionals who continue to innovate high performance products for North American consumers.”

The report will be available to purchase from the ACC store on Oct. 7 after this year’s Polyurethanes Technical Conference, which will be held Oct. 3-5 in National Harbor, Maryland.

The 2021 End-Use Market Survey on the Polyurethanes Industry in the United States, Canada and Mexico, produced by independent third-party IAL Consultants, provides a breakdown of raw material demand for polyurethane markets in the United States, Canada and Mexico by type and by major end-use market for each country over a three-year period. It also looks at historic trends, market drivers and key issues.

“This survey is invaluable information for anyone in the polyurethanes industry who needs to know how the industry has responded to shifts in demand and other market forces, like the drive towards sustainability,” Salamone added.

The survey contains more than 300 pages of information and analysis, as well as data tables, charts and graphs.