HILTI released 30 new products at the World of Concrete trade show last month, and there are even more to come. W&C met with Matt Jackson, Senior Director of Electric Tools and Accessories at HILTI, to discuss the new products.

One product Jackson is especially proud of is the new 22-volt battery, which works with any type of job. “We were able to deliver all the performance that you need on 22 volts,” Jackson said.

HILTI took another step forward into the digital age with the battery. The battery is able to collect data regarding what tool it was used with, what it was used for and more. “Every time the battery is taken off the tool or tools, it will communicate with the charger and it will be sent to the cloud,” Jackson said.

HILTI will be releasing more products in the coming months, including a high-speed charger that can charge batteries in 30 minutes.

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