Vector Structural Engineering is excited to announce that it’s opening a new office in Orem, Utah. The office will focus mainly on the work that its college interns can perform, which includes supporting full-time project engineers for tasks on larger projects and helping to analyze existing residential homes where rooftop solar panels are being installed.

“The location was near a couple of college campuses, and we have several student interns working for us, so we’re hoping to get more of the cream of the crop by being closer to a campus,” said Jacob Proctor, principal at Vector Structural Engineering.

Vector is working to develop engineering processes where projects can be broken down into smaller tasks, and their plan is to train interns to help with those tasks. Having an office located near campus will allow the company to more efficiently grow this part of the business.

Eric Sumsion, a senior engineer who has been with the company for nearly 10 years, will lead the charge at this new location, where there are currently 22 people working out of the office, and the office is conveniently located near the mouth of the Provo Canyon.

“I’m sure that some employees will also take advantage of the fly fishing during their lunch hour,” Sumsion said.

Orem is located in the Utah County of Utah and is known for its stunning views of the Wasatch Mountains and its location near outdoor recreation destinations. The city has a thriving economy and is home to numerous high-tech companies and educational institutions. It also offers a rich cultural and recreational experience with parks, museums, shopping centers and more.

“I’m excited for the opportunity to provide jobs to more engineering students and the growth that we will be able to achieve as a company with this office,” Proctor said.