Parks’ Waterproofing is proud to now be certified installers for AprilAire dehumidifiers and offer this innovative system to customers. The air in basements and crawl spaces is the same air that’s being breathed in a home’s living spaces. Stagnant, moist air is the perfect breeding ground for pests, airborne viruses, mold and mildew. Parks’ offers customized dehumidification systems by installing single-, dual- and triple-zoned systems with sensors that notify homeowners of potential problems. AprilAire dehumidifiers are ideal for dehumidifying the whole home, basement or sealed crawl space. Setup is easy and maintenance is low, with no messy trays to empty and simple filter cleaning or replacement.

The Parks’ Waterproofing mission is to protect homes or business premises from water intrusion with their very own patented, innovative system that effectively stops moisture before it reaches the foundation or basement. With the patented Parks’ Free-Flowing Waterproofing System, structures are protected with a number of features, which work together, ensuring all of the moisture is directed away from the property. Conventional interior waterproofing membranes do not prevent water from infiltrating foundations or basements and are notoriously unreliable, as water is free to invade, compromising the structure and leading to significant damage. At Parks’ Waterproofing, the owner personally carries out thorough inspections to establish vulnerabilities and offers a customized, maintenance-free solution along with a fair quote on the cost of any recommendations. In addition to waterproofing and structural repairs, Parks’ Waterproofing also provides masonry, concrete finishing and landscaping services.

“We want to provide our valued customers with only the best products on the market and are thrilled to be a certified installer of AprilAire Dehumidifiers,” said owner Jody Parks.