The U.S. Department of Labor forced a San Diego contractor to pay thousands of dollars to employees for back wages and liquidated damages, reported Amber Coakley of Fox 5 San Diego.

According to officials, Watkins Environmental Inc. refused to give its construction workers overtime and minimum wages, as well as pay for hourly workers’ preparation and required training.

Investigators found that the company’s refusal violated minimum wage and overtime regulations and that Watkins did not have complete employee records, which the Fair Labor Standards Act necessitates.

“The violations found in this investigation are all-too-common in the construction industry, and the U.S. Department of Labor will hold employers accountable for not paying employees their legally earned wages,” explained Min Park-Chung, Wage and Hour Division District Director. “Employers who withhold workers’ wages make it harder for their employees to make ends meet. At the same time, these employers gain an unfair advantage over industry competitors who abide by the law.”

Watkins paid $181,722 in back wages to 125 employees and the same amount in liquidated damages. The company also shelled out $28,462 for civil money penalties.

Watkins serves the San Diego area in demolition, mold remediation, and commercial and residential asbestos, paint and lead removal.