As an industry leader committed to sustainability, RHEINZINK introduces RHEINZINK-prePATINA ECO ZINC architectural zinc products. Now produced using 50 percent less carbon dioxide, the company’s premium RHEINZINK-prePATINA products are now part of its RHEINZINK-ECO ZINC offering. This is the first architectural zinc material in the world to reduce an already small carbon footprint by more than half.

Effective February 2023, only certified reduced-carbon zinc is used to produce RHEINZINK-prePATINA ECO ZINC products. To power this efficient process, the electric energy largely is generated from renewable sources, including water and wind power. RHEINZINK-prePATINA ECO ZINC material production generates significantly less CO2 than any other architectural zinc manufacturing process.

Along with a reduced environmental impact, RHEINZINK-prePATINA ECO ZINC products maintain their consistent high quality, value and performance, plus their proven resiliency, 100 percent recyclability and 100+ year lifespan. Continuing to deliver the pre-weathered, vintage aesthetic, RHEINZINK-prePATINA ECO ZINC blue-grey and graphite-grey options are available. The natural metal is fabricated and installed as façade and wall cladding systems, zinc roofs, roof drainage and gutters, and architectural details on commercial, institutional and residential projects across North America.

“Sustainability is firmly anchored in our corporate strategy,” said Charles “Chip” McGowan, president of RHEINZINK America. “Material manufacturers have a crucial role to play in achieving our global, national and local climate policies, as well as meeting energy codes and environmental goals.

“RHEINZINK is proud to provide reduced-carbon material choices for new construction and renovation projects’ sustainable design and operation,” McGowan continued. “With a lifespan of 100 years or more, our resilient products also reduce the need for product replacement. At the end of their use on a home or building, the material is 100 percent recyclable, maximizing cradle-to-cradle benefits.”

As part of the ECO ZINC product offering, RHEINZINK-prePATINA architectural zinc has been Cradle to Cradle Certified at the Bronze level since 2009. The C2C certification and additional supporting documentation assist design and building teams meet the U.S. and Canada Green Building Councils’ LEED criteria.

A global company, RHEINZINK is headquartered in Germany with subsidiaries and sales offices in 30 countries and on five continents. “With our RHEINZINK-prePATINA ECO ZINC products, we are taking another important step forward on our path to decarbonization,” explained RHEINZINK CEO Carsten Beier. “The conversion will save more than 36,000 tonnes of CO2 per year. By comparison, this is equivalent to the CO2 emissions of a small town with 4,500 inhabitants.”

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