Los Angeles Trade Technical College recently completed a remarkable transformation of its Learning Resource Center. Also known as Mariposa Hall, the renovation was designed not only to improve the functionality of the building, but to refresh its look as the campus centerpiece. Stripped down to its structural grid, the building was upgraded to current code compliance and new infrastructure systems were installed throughout. The existing structure’s usable space increased from 81,807 square feet to nearly 100,000 square feet.

To enhance the building’s appearance, the façade was redesigned to better connect with its surroundings on all sides. Architectural design for the project was done by Harley Ellis Devereaux of Los Angeles. The design team created a series of undulating RHEINZINK ribbons, jutting out beyond the existing floor structure to identify entranceways, provide canopies and sunshades, and radiate an outward energy to the four corners of the campus.

“There’s basically no backside to the building,” said Michael Bulander, project designer. “That led to the idea that these ribbons that would encompass the whole building. We looked at various metals for the ribbons, but zinc quickly became the preferred alternative because of several aspects. We liked its organic character and the slight variations in the finish as it develops a nice matte patina over time. As it gets older, it becomes even more beautiful.”

Bulander also noted zinc’s self-healing attribute for the campus environment. The building envelope utilizes 34,000 square feet of 18 gauge/1.2 mm RHEINZINK PrePATINA, blue-grey Interlocking Reveal Panels, fabricated by MetalTech-USA, in Peachtree City, Ga.

MetalTech-USA is a long-time RHEINZINK strategic partner, distributor and fabricator of eco-friendly architectural metals for roofing, rainwater, soffit and cladding systems. For more information, visit www.metaltech--usa.com.