In this episode of “If Walls Could Talk,” W&C’s Group Publisher Jill Bloom is joined once again by Anna Anderson, CEO of Art Unlimited. 

So much in the world is changing in business, especially in the realm of technology/software. Among those changes, Google Analytics is merging to GA4. 

“In the world of marketing, what are the types of channels we’re going to market on? How are we going to see ROI? That type of analysis is changing,” said Anderson. “We’re going from Google Analytics and the data points we understand to this new experience. We need to understand what our customers are doing and then bridge the gap.”

July 1 was a deadline for the conversion to GA4. Anderson said that we should have received notice [in July] we’re going to experience things through a whole new lens. “Your old data metrics are no longer going to be able to be collected. Moving forward you’re going to look at newer consumer experience data points to be able to predict and change with your marketing strategies.” 

Will this cause hiccups? “For many of the clients we serve, we have activated GA4 depending on how long we’ve had these clients. Are we doing better or worse when we move forward? Let’s be honest—not everyone did that upgrade,” she said. 

What are the benefits of GA4 and how to leverage it? Listen more to how Anderson discusses these changes and the exciting changes to analytics.